Online Marketing Basics: Free Resources

I have put together a short overview of what I consider good free resources to jumpstart your online marketing expertise. You don’t need any prior knowledge of online marketing. This is not a complete list and leaves out several important parts of online marketing – so FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR RESOURCES IN THE COMMENTS.

A guide to online marketing:
This guide covers all aspects of online marketing including a 6 month plan of how to do it

Online Advertising on the Internet:
A good introduction into how online advertising works. Only in German.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): How to get into Google’s organic search results:
Great overview by Seomoz, a company selling SEO tools. Also have a great blog with regular, easy to understand updates.

Affiliate Marketing: Performance-based marketing through online sales partners (affiliates):
A thorough guide about affiliates and merchants – how it works, what to expect etc. >200 pages in German.

Twitter for business – a beginner’s guide:
Based on our experiences at we have put together an easy step-by-step guide for people who have only heard about Twitter before.

Social Media Monitoring – what people say about your company/product on the web:
It’s not only important to shout our your marketing message but also to listen to the users on the web. This guide helps you set up a free (but not 100% perfect) way of monitoring what people say about you.

Do you know any more cool free resources? Share them in the comments.



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