TV Advertising: Millions and millions lost

I am amazed at how siloed TV advertising and online advertising still are. We’ve been educating the market on how to connect these two worlds for quite some time now but it’s harded than I thought. Advertisers are spending millions on their TV campaigns, show a URL at the end of the commercial to prompt the viewer to visit the website. What would you expect on the website? The product you saw on TV? Well, in 50% of the cases you will not see the product on the homepage AT ALL (yes, no mention whatsoever). Wow. Here are some stats:

Source: wywy

I recently stayed up all night to do a quick study on the superbowl ads, as they are probably the most expensive ad slots in the world. The results were a little bit better, with “only” 18% not showing the product AT ALL on their homepage. Well, apparently spending a couple of million on one spot makes it easier to tell a seamless story. We are getting there. Now back to work.

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