Twitter is dead

This week I came across several information bits that lead me to believe that Twitter is dead. I haven’t been using Twitter personally for nearly a year now as it became too cluttered and I had too many “I want to promote my product/service” tweets in my timeline. The information level was just too low & too cumbersome to sort through. Just ask yourself: When was the last time you really read your Twitter timeline? And when was the last time you really read your Facebook or LinkedIn timeline?

I stumbled across a Twitter experiment of a blogger (oh the irony that this is a post on LinkedIn) this week which showed no impact of Twitter whatsover on traffic. I quickly checked our referrals from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for wywy – Twitter is at <2% of all our social referrals, so basically irrelevant, although we post the same amount on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Then I read about Twitter laying off its Indian engineering team. And then I attended a meeting on Tuesday where a food blogger and a social media expert on a panel both said that Twitter is dying a slowth death.

So here goes my bold prediction: Twitter will be bought up next year for half the price it is worth currently ($13 billion market cap as of Sept 22, 2016). Twitter’s main (and IMHO only) advantage, the unmatched speed of news content, does not justify it’s stock price. And let’s be honest: Any breaking news will be on any other channel within one hour.

Update Sept 23, 2016: Well, that went fast. Twitter reportedly in talks with Google, Salesforce for potential sale

Source: Yahoo Finance

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