B2B Product Marketing Tips

As really good B2B product marketing tips are hard to come by, I started my own mini-series. This project has turned into a full B2B product marketing ebook.

Here’s the list of my posts (will be updated regularly):

Company positioning- It’s about the why, not the what: When thinking of your company positioning, think about why and not what your company does what it does.

The B2B sales pitch – It’s all about 3 questions: How the B2B sales pitch differs from a normal pitch, what to ask the prospective client and how to win the client’s business

Optimizing your business listing in the Google search results: Making sure you get the best exposure with the right information in Google’s right-hand side business card search result listing

Retargeting 101 for B2B marketers: How to ensure maximum brand recognition and brand association with interested potential clients

Email Newsletter: Using statistics to identify prospects: How to identify leads after you send out your email newsletter.

Inbound Marketing: How to own the informational search results: Create the right content so that potential clients find you in their informational searches and then reach out to you.

Keeping track of your competitors: How to set up a quick and free competitor tracking using Google Alerts