Why SEO should become content marketing

I recently read an article on one of my favorite SEO blogs. It basically stated that classical SEO is dead as Google leaves nearly no space for organic listings on money keywords anymore (or as one industry expert put it, Google still has room for 1% more earnings by completely eliminating organic results). Ouch, that hurts as most start-ups see SEO as a cheap marketing channel. Well, IMHO the days of super-cheap marketing via a bit of onpage and offpage optimization are over. It was fun while it lasted.


Why do you still go to a brick&mortar store to buy stuff? To get advice, an expert opinion. And this is what needs to happen to SEO as well. Move away from trying to optimize for money keywords at the action end of the conversion funnel towards more relevant content at the upper part of the conversion funnel. Create interest and desire in the products you sell. Be it product reviews, comparisons, how-to-manuals… The German ecommerce retailer Notebooks Billiger employs a handful of people to write reviews about products on their blog, even if the products are shitty. They do it because they want to be perceived as the best price (everyone wants that!) AND transparent retailer. SEO today should not just be technical, it needs to be content driven beyond optimized keywords texts. Start thinking about how the conversion funnel to your product looks like at the very top, creating attention and interest. Become the expert, go-to source through content marketing. Use clever retargeting, SEA, social media to catch the people at the action end of the conversion funnel.